JoeOne is the world’s leading men’s trousers expert Adhering to the craftsmanship and ingenuity, focusing on the field of men’s trousers for 33 years, with the brand mission of “creating the best trousers in the world” and the brand vision of “leading the men’s trousers in China and becoming the world’s trouser king” JoeOne men’s trousers expert transforms the core advantages of the brand, accumulating 12 million human body data and becoming a participant in the formulation of Chinese men’s trousers standards sales of 100 million men’s trousers , one sold every 7 seconds  and create high-elastic fabrics, the stretch rate is as high as ordinary 4 times the fabric  creates professional and high-quality men’s trousers products with heart In 2020, JoeOne has achieved the sales market position of “the world’s leading men’s trousers expert”

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